Document sharing and management from everywhere.


Cloud Share

Manage files and documents in a private cloud, hosted or on premises. Flexible sharing of documents, integrated with AD/LDAP, share large files as download links.


File sharing and document management today faces great challenges in making important files:
  • available from anywhere,
  • keeping them organized and structured,
  • while maintaining security and access policies.

By implementing a Storage-as-a-service application based on ownCloud, we are determined to allow users to keep their files available on different platforms:

  • PCs,
  • smartphones,
  • tablets,
  • Laptops and Notebooks

allowing them to extend the functionality of their current file sharing system.

This app also offers:

  • web-access to the files and folders,
  • version tracking,
  • integration with VapourApps Directory, Active Directory or LDAP

as well as multiple over-the-top applications which can add the real cutting-edge of your internal business processes and collaboration.

Having your files in the private cloud and having a secure and universal access to them, will save you critical time and help you and your organization well organized.


This virtual server, is based on a pre-configured Debian system and the latest stable version of ownCloud.

  • Upload documents, pictures, videos, music. Inline preview of documents, pictures and music.

  • File and folder sharing between users. Version tracking of files and documents.

  • Access data from smartphone: iPhone and Android applications.

  • WebDAV for mounting external drive on Windows, Linux and OS X.

  • VapourApps Directory, LDAP and Windows Active Directory backend support.

  • Synchronizing bookmarks, passwords, tasks, contacts

  • Long list of 3rd party applications

  • Nagios remote plugin execution agent (NRPE) for 24×7 monitoring and reporting of availability and performance is also implemented

Why use this app?

Have your files accessible not only as shared folders, but through a web interface as well.

Also the management of shared files is much more convenient and flexible, compared to traditional Windows shares.

By using the VapourApps Directory and Storage, you can manage:

  • users,
  • groups,
  • documents and
  • quotas for the corporate users from the same web dashboard.

The cutting edge technology behind ownCloud will allow you to have he same shares on your smartphone, manage versions and preview files via the web, before opening and downloading them locally on your computer.


What are the hardware requirements for this app?

The whole system is bundled into a pre-installed image which can be installed on a physical or virtual server. Hardware requirements depend upon the amount of users and data. For up-to 100 users, 2GB RAM, Ethernet interface and 2GHz CPU should suffice. The maximum amount of storage for the files, depend on the installed HDD capacity.

How can i install the app on my server?

You should download the image from our website and set it up as a separate server. You will be prompted for the backend authentication service/server after the first boot of the server. You will receive information on the VapourApps dashboard, on e-mail or on the screen regarding your initial credentials.

Mapping a shared folder as Windows drive

We assume that the VapourApps Storage has the following URL: https://vapourapps/owncloud (You can see the exact URL from the VapourApps Dashboard). You can map the files & folders you can access on your Windows workstation using command line or the windows explorer:

  1. Command line for mounting a users folder on drive Z:
    net use Z: /user:youruser yourpassword
  2.  Windows explorer
    Right-click on Computer entry and select “Map network drive…”. Choose a local network drive to map ownCloud to. Finally, enter the address to your ownCloud instance, followed by “/remote.php/webdav”, e.g:

Check “Reconnect at logon” to make this mapping persistent across reboots. If you want to connect as another user – connect using different credentials.

How can I access my files from a smartphone?

All you have to do is install the smartphone application for iOS or Android, insert URL and your credentials. Proper configuration can be downloaded from the VapourApps dashboard.