VapourApps Dashboard

VapourApps 2.0 comes on a separate VM or container, with custom dashboard for managing all data centers, hosts and services through a single panel.

Open source and built with React.JS and Python, offers great possibilities for extending and customizing, to fit even the most demanding IT environments.


  • VapourApps backend system is built with Python and integrates multiple open source technologies such as SaltStack, Consul, OpenVPN.
  • Provides ServiceDiscovery, DNS, VPN, REST API for integrating external applications.
  • Map overview with availability status and logs

Providers, Servers & Apps

  • Providers are environments where VMs or containers are created.
  • Provider drivers: OpenStack, AWS, Libvirt/KVM, VMWare Vsphere, CenturyLink.
  • Servers are launched on providers and provisioned within minutes with default data.
  • An App can be activated on a server and custom panels for that App appear below the default VA panels.


  • All apps are individual virtual servers or containers.
  • Predefined collection of apps.
  • Current states are based on Salt-stack.
  • Monitoring, backup, service discover included after launch.