Fully fledged e-mail server



Complete e-mail functionality, safe and secure with flexible storage. Webmail, address books, calendars rules, integrated with AD/LDAP.


Business e-mail collaboration requires reliability, secure communication and flexibility.
Created from completely open source tools and packages, this fully fledged e-mail system allows users to access their:
  • email,
  • contacts,
  • calendar events,
  • notes and
  • planned activities from anywhere.

At the core of the system is:

  • the iRedMail open source email exchange server,
  • integrating a modern web interface based on Roundcube,

standard e-mail communication protocols and web-based administration.
Users and groups are managed from the VapourApps dashboard, in the Directory panel, as the E-Mail service is integrated with the Directory.

The system can also authenticate against LDAP or Microsoft Windows Domain Controller.

This virtual server, is based on a pre-configured Debian system and the latest stable version of iRedMail.



  • Unlimited number of domains, users, mail lists, administrators

  • Unlimited storage for e-mail accounts (depends on the disk storage installed on the server)

  • Backend authentication support: VapourApps Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, MySQL, PostgreSQL

  • Anti-virus and anti-spam features, SPF, DKIM, Greylisting

  • Webmail: AJAX, Address book, Calendar, Planner, Notes

  • E-Mail filters, Mail delivery restrictions, sender & recipient throttling

  • Nagios remote plugin execution agent (NRPE) for 24×7 monitoring and reporting of availability and performance is also implemented

Why use this app?

VapourApps E-Mail is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server.

You can have your own e-mail server with your own domain name and access it from everywhere in the world.

Webmail can be configured to be accessible only via VPN (which is part of VapourApps Directory).

You can use any e-mail client to connect to this e-mail server, such as:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird,
  • Microsoft Outlook,
  • Microsoft Outlook express,
  • Evolution, as well as smartphone e-mail clients.

If you need extra security, using the VapourApps dashboard you can generate e-mail client certificates, to encrypt the traffic secure communication between between users.

That way, e-mails are stored encrypted on the server and can be decrypted only from the very computer of the owner of the e-mail account.


What are the hardware requirements for this app?

The whole system is bundled into a pre-installed image which can be installed on a physical or virtual server. Hardware requirements depend upon the amount of users and data. For up-to 100 users, 2GB RAM, Ethernet interface and 2GHz CPU should suffice. The maximum amount of storage for the mailboxes of the users, depend on the installed HDD capacity.

How can i install the app on my server?

You should download the image from our website and set it up as a separate server. You will be prompted for the domain name and for the backend authentication service/server, after the first boot of the server. You will receive information on e-mail or on the screen regarding your initial credentials.

How can I add a vacation message?

All you have to do is add another e-mail filter, when you log through your web browser. Vacation message can be added through Settings -> Filters -> managesieve -> Vacation. You need to uncheck “Filter disabled”.

How can I redirect specific messages to another account?

All you have to do is add another e-mail filter, when you log through your web browser. Message redirection can be added through Settings -> Filters -> managesieve -> Add new filter. After you select for what messages the filter will apply, you need to add two actions: Redirect message to (or Send message copy to) and Stop processing messages. Redirecting doesn’t leave a copy on the server, while copying the message leaves a local copy.