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IT Support

Today’s IT infrastructures are hybrid, dynamic and changing constantly.

Diagnosing problems can be a complex process and one needs to understand all systems and data flows.

Upgrades, migrations to the cloud, replacing hardware needs to be done with minimum downtime.


  • Central ticketing system with notifications
  • Team of experts from hardware, OS, devops to software develoment
  • Maintenance of server and client stations
  • Support for network, VPN, tunneling
  • Performance and log monitoring

Updates & Scaling

  • The support includes information gathering & planning for migrations, updates and scalings.
  • Recommendations for new hardware or software systems.
  • Have all issues, questions, notifications in one place.


  • Status of the whole IT infrastructure in one place
  • Monitor status of backups
  • Faster diagnostics for minimizing MTTR
  • Preventive monitoring and alerting
  • Know about the problem before it is reported by end users