VapourApps Monitoring

Monitoring can save time, minimize time-to-resolve a problem and effectively diagnose problems within the IT infrastructure.

The Icinga2 open source monitoring system, customized with many plugins, presents a very powerful tool for every IT environment.

The whole picture

  • Icinga2 can be monitored from the CLI, web interface or through the VapurApps dasnboard
  • Overview of all groups, hosts and services on a single panel
  • Distinguish between warning and critical events
  • Availability, performance, logs, security

Monitoring plugins

  • Monitor all other services via custom plugins
  • Windows monitoring through WMI
  • Monitoring through agents, SNMP, ICMP, HTTP and TCP/UDP requests
  • Monitor VMWare VSphere, ESXi, OpenStack, KVM, Docker, AWS

Notifications & events

  • Monitoring logic, detecting flapping, plan downtime
  • Notification via e-mail or SMS
  • Execute events or custom scripts when alarm is triggered
  • Create maps for better visualization