Private cloud with integrated applications

VapourApps is a private cloud with a set of integrated applications such as Active Directory, Filesharing, Mail, Backup, Proxy, etc. The platform, as well as the applications, are open source and based on GNU/Linux.

In our first version, it was completely based on OpenStack. VapourApps 2.0 brings a completely new web dashboard and an appliance named VapourApps Master (va-master). The VA-Master server comes with API interface and a web dashboard where virtualization platforms and servers can be created. Multiple providers are supported, on which servers can be managed. A server, either standalone or through a provider, can be converted into an App, from the web dashboard.

Features of the VapourApps Dashboard include:

  • Providers & servers – Managing servers on AWS, Libvirt, VMWare hosts, from a single dashboard

  • Integrated App Store – Using SaltStack configuration management, once servers are connected to the VA-Master, they can be converted in the apps which are available in the store.

  • Monitoring & Backup (for health checks, performance stats, backing up all apps and data) and

  • API & Integration – All functions which are available to the VA-Master, for integrating new apps or features, are available through REST API. For example, adding users to ActiveDirectory, creating VPN certificates or downloading a backup file – can be performed through the VA-Master API.

  • VPN, Logs & Billing – The VA-Master dashboard is a central place where logs & accounting data can be managed for all providers and servers. Also, using OpenVPN, one can create certificates, to access the VA-Master and the private cloud.

Download & install

VapourApps Store

All apps are bundled into the VapourApps installation. They are not server images, but configuration files and installation scripts, which convert regular GNU/Linux servers into a working app, ready for usage and integrated into the existing private cloud. The current application store includes the following pre-configured servers or apps:

Automatic monitoring and backup

Monitoring & Backup are VapourApps services that constantly track and archive your private cloud.

The Monitoring service is communicating with the apps and the hypervisors, and it checks all kinds of properties, including: availability, ping, CPU usage, memory, app-specific services, etc.

The Backup service is connecting to all the VMs and continuously archieves and organizes the data, so that you can later restore something to an older version.


Ljupco Vangelski
Ljupco VangelskiFounder & CEO

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to simplify the deployment of corporate servers and applications, providing our customers with efficient, scalable and open technology to manage their corporate systems, which drive their business.

“Imagine a single dashboard for managing and monitoring your virtual servers, users and applications. IT infrastructures can get really complex: servers, updates, migrations, networking… We’ve built VapourApps with a vision to get corporate IT back in the hands of the enterprises, giving them an ability to scale and to use cutting-edge technology to really boost their productivity and business.”

— Ljupco Vangelski