Using custom version of the Redmine open source system, we bring you a very effective task management and issue tracking system.

Centralize all project information in one place, so that everybody is clear about tasks, priorities and what has been done.

Tickets & Issues

  • Tickets can be created from a web-dashboard, by sending an e-mail or through API.
  • Complete work-flow for tickets, people %done, estimates, custom fields.
  • Updating tickets can be done through web or e-mail, with logging time and costs.

Manage Projects

  • Overview of all tasks
  • Milestones, queries, filters
  • Tracking overdue, %done, last update
  • Gantt chart
  • Documents, Files, Wiki style pages

Inclusive Collaboration

  • Complete integration with e-mail
  • Custom page where everybody can see his tickets, priorities, pending tasks
  • Share documentation, files and news about the projects
  • All information and data in one place