User logging with VapourApps Active Directory

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User logging with VapourApps Active Directory

User Logging with VapourApps

If your organization has more than 5 users and/or computers they certainly need to be controlled both for collaboration purposes and for security reasons.

That’s why you’ll need Active Directory Domain to implement:

  • centralized user authentication,
  • organize users in a hierarchical structure and
  • provide information about users.

Most of the organizations have different resources that they need to share with many users. That’s another reason why organizations need Domain controller. It helps overcome the local user account management and saves time for sharing resources with every user separately.

By logging onto a domain users can have access to every resource of the domain: servers and their files, printers, applications, databases. This makes the system more secure and can cut the time necessary for setting up separate authentication for every user to each resource.

That is what your organization can get form Active Directory Domain: centralized user management and authentication, but also integration of applications into the domain.

A Domain controller helps organizations authenticate and authorize users and computers in their network assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers and installing or updating software.

VapourApps Directory

VapourApps Directory is an alternative to Microsoft Active Directory. It allows you to manage corporate user accounts and groups, which the employees use on their computers.
The system can provide authentication for E-Mail service and all other applications, through standard protocols – Kerberos, Active Directory or LDAP.
If you want to provide secure remote access to your employees or other parties – you can relate user accounts with VPN certificates, which the employee can install on his computer. OpenVPN is compatible with Microsoft, Linux or MAC on the client side. That way, employees can access data from remote locations securely and without using external applications or services.

User logging with VapourApps Active Directory

VapourApps Active Directory provides not just user management but also tracks user logging. On the VapourApps dashboard you can see

  • the last time an account was used,
  • where the user logged in from (from what computer)
  • what was its IP address.

User logging with VapourApps Picture

User previous activities and history log

There is also a history log. Apart form the last login record, you can see the previous activities, too. These data are available directly from the dashboard webpage.

vapourapps history log picture

Because the VapourApps platform integrates all Apps and a every user uses a single account across the platform, you can track user activities everywhere.

For example, the Fileshare App has built in access/permissions system. It will not only limit the user activities to a level that is appropriate for them, but also will record the permitted actions. This will allow you to log all file and folder creation, renaming and deleting. Then later, you can track down all intentional and/or unintentional data loss.


VapourApps is a private cloud platform that brings application support using popular technologies as OpenStack and Docker. It consists of an:

  • installer (that sets up the OpenStack base on multiple nodes),
  • App Suite(pre-existing common apps for businesses and developers),
  • Monitoring & Backup (for health checks, performance stats, backing up all apps and data) and
  • API (for integrating new apps). It is targeted at developers, small, medium and big sized companies.

The owner of the tenant or the IT administrator, can manage their virtual servers, users, groups and monitor the status of the used application from a single dashboard.

Download and try VapourApps 1.0 Beta

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