VapourApps V1.0 Overview

//VapourApps V1.0 Overview
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VapourApps V1.0 Overview

The VapourApps installer will install OpenStack on your server and start several virtual servers for each application you need.

At the moment these applications are available:


Monitoring is created first and is responsible for presenting vital status information for other virtual machines (CPU usage, space, swap etc)

Directory with VPN

Directory with VPN represents an alternative to Microsoft Active Directory Server.

Directory represents a fully functional Domain controller, allowing management of:

  • Computers,
  • Users and
  • Groups.

It is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows client stations XP, 7, 8,10.

Credentials can be centrally managed and be used for other VapourApps applications. Some or all users can also have certificates for remote access to company premises via OpenVPN client.


Mail is based on iRedMail email exchange server and integrate a modern web interface Roundcube.

Supports most popular protocols and is compatible with all standard desktop clients. Any smartphone mail application can be also used.


Fileshare: acts as a Microsoft standalone server providing files share services.

There are three predefined levels.

  1.  Personal folder – each user have own private folder.
  2.  Share folder is available to all domain users where limited access sub-folders can be created.
  3.  Public folder – for sharing files with guests/unauthorized users


Backup: provides automatic daily incremental and weekly full file backups.

Standard profiles are predefined and applied for each virtual machine/application. Custom backup paths from any other PC in the network is also possible.


Owncloud: this application provides DropBox like functionalities plus additional features like:

  • Calendars,
  • Tasks,
  • Phone-books and
  • Internal chat.

You can share files with clients and also share calendar events and phone-books with colleagues. There is a full web interface and desktop client for file sync but other desktop applications that support WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV can be also used.