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Web Proxy

Web proxy can be complex to setup and maintain. One-click setup of a simple integrated environment for blocking unwanted content.

This app integrates Squid, E2guardian and custom Linux functions for integration with Directory and client stations.


  • Non-transparent proxy, working with HTTPS
  • Three profiles
  • Block website categories
  • Blacklist specific websites
  • Users and groups assigned to a category
  • Block Youtube, Facebook, IM


In every company there is usually a default policy, which website categories can be accessed or not.

With selecting different categories, there is flexibility to fine-tune the default policy.

Additional policies can be added for specific groups of users.


Users are generally assigned to groups in Active Directory.

Specific group of users can be set to have either a more strict or a more free policy.

IP addresses of users are identified and added to the specific policy.